Hello, I'm Abigail Dorothy Jones!

Welcome to my online portfolio, I hope you find what you're looking for! I graduated with a bachelors in English and Creative Writing. I am seeking opportunities which allow me to become an experienced writer or teacher. 

A bit about me:

My writing journey started in high school, where I wrote mediocre poetry and loved every second of the revision process. Then, I went to college for Retail Merchandising and Management, but that is not where I ended up (sorry, mom). 

However, I rekindled my passion for writing when I took an elective course in creative writing and learned how to make any sequence of words sound beautiful.

In college, I entered a publishing competition for a short story. My story was selected, meaning I beat out a few hundred people. 

Any aspect of learning something new excites me incredibly, and I love the need for constant research and editing. Whether on a website, newspaper, or flyer, I can quickly assist you with creating written content.

In the "Articles" section, I included that published short story, "Rule 3", and other pieces I wrote for my college courses or blog.